net4talents – short version

net4talents is an online and offline community. It is based on networking, sharing and receiving.

Use net4talents to:

  1. build your network and learn from people in it
  2. entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs
  3. learn from one and teach two, interact with many
  4. teach other members and earn talents and get likes
  5. get many likes and qualify for higher levels and finally reach star level

net4talents is built with people who share these common values.

Membership is free.

It is closely related to Trading for a good Cause, TradeCause, which will support net4talents and some of its entrepreneurs financially.

Why net4talents?

  • We believe that people want to be connected to other people
  • We believe that people want to give generously
  • We believe people want to learn, improve their skills and find their passion

We think people will be able to grow and reach their full potential when they are connected to another person. These connections can be achieved using internet technology.

That is why we’re building net4talents